Euforion NGO was founded in 2003 with the aim to organize a wide specter of events. In both public and private space, without limits.

We make things happen - and we often connect the corporate and the creative world. We specialize on event and project implementation and production on national and international level.

Based in Bratislava, our main operational languages are English and Slovak, but our core team members speak also German, French and Dutch.

As a long time member of the Eurojeune network, we have colleagues in all EU member states, what makes us flexible and effective without any extra logistical effort.

This is also one of our key goals - to be efficient and to present a sustainable way of professional production and project / event implementation.

International Projects

From it's very start Euforion, NGO was working on international projects. The first cooperation goes back to 2003 and the Dutch embassy in Bratislava.

Since 2007 Euforion, NGO is a member of the Propager Eurojeune Network and has since then implemented more then 20 european projects and campaigns, as the national coordinating body for Slovakia.

Euforion and its representatives also work on the implementation of projects in the field or directly on the clients premises.

(f.e. in the European Parliament in Strasbourg or the EC Representation Headquarters in Bratislava).

Besides the participation on european projects, we have a long history of cooperation with f.e. US embassy in Bratislava, The International Visegrad Fund, Ministry of Culture and other state and municipality agencies.

Event Implementation

One of our strongest assets has always been event production and implementation. From small activities, conferences, workshops and panels - to big and complex events with complicated programming and logistical +

technical solutions - seventeen years of experience obliges us to keep pushing the limits.

In total numbers Euforion organized more then 80 international projects / events in Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Poland, and Ukraine.

Adding more then 250 events on national level (Slovakia) makes us one of the most experienced players in this field.


Art and Culture

Since it's beginnings Euforion, NGO was strongly creative and it's no secret, that art is our passion.

From 2007 - 2011 we organized the international and multicultural Station East festival in east Slovakia connected with a summer school for talented Roma kids.

In 2010 Euforion has started its own and popular project - The International Exhibition of Political Cartoons, which has since travelled more then 30 000 km and visited 30 cities mainly in Europe. www.cartoonexhibition.eu

In 2011 we co-founded the Bratislava Street Art Festival, which has since then become a renowned international event in the world of street art. www.streetartfestival.sk

In 2012 we started our long term collaboration with Andrej Šeban (premier slovak composer, instrumentalist and producer) who we have the honor to represent www.andrejseban.com

PR and Media

Throughout the years we developed our own PR and Media structures. Cooperating with professional PR agencies in the past has thought us the insights of the world of PR and communication.

But we also got to see the limits. Agencies, focused on their numbers, often suppressed quality by quantity, and many times we felt a lack for the understanding of the content - of the main message.

That has lead us to the development of our own media department. Now everything is being prepared in house. With our own specialist for social media marketing as well as AdWords and other pay per click services,

we have our own and updated media list, media contacts, and we organize press conferences. Through our automatic sending system, we can effectively distribute press releases to both media and public.

We provide our partners with all necessary media outputs (audio, video, print, digital), and afterwards with media screenings of campaigns.